Baby Massage Classes Tunbridge Wells

Baby Massage Classes Tunbridge Wells

baby massage classes

Baby Massage Course – For babies aged 4 weeks to 1 year
Looking after a new baby can be hectic; what with feeding, changing nappies, trying out routines, weaning, doctors appointments etc. It can often be difficult to get some true “quality time” with your baby. Baby massage is a wonderful opportunity to really focus on you and your baby without worrying about anything else.

Benefits Of Massage
The benefits to both you and your baby are wide ranging, including:

  • Helps to relieve colic
  • Baby to sleep better
  • Aids baby’s digestion
  • Strengthens baby’s immune system
  • Enhances parent/ baby communication
  • Develops baby muscle tone & co-ordination
  • Relaxed parents & baby!

What To Expect
The classes are very relaxed. You’ll learn essential massage techniques, but there is also time to feed, change nappies or just watch and cuddle your baby. You will receive a personalised folder of the whole body routine and a bottle of oil to take home.

What You’ll Need
Please bring along a changing mat, large towel and a spare nappy!


Classes & Venues

  • Group classes are 60-90 mins once a week for 5 weeks.
  • Individual classes are available on request.
  • Based in Tunbridge Wells TN12.

Contact Us:

Diana Beaumont

Tel: 07850 612 437



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