Baby Wipes Warmer

Baby Wipes Warmer

Most babies hate getting their nappies changed! Why would you make it any worse than it needs to be by using COLD baby wipes?!?!

I’ve got to be honest, when the other half said she wanted to spend nearly £30 on a Wipes Warmer I wasn’t impressed! I think I said something like ‘you have got to be kidding, its for wiping poo off a bum!’

20 months later and I just don’t know how we could do without out it! ITS GREAT! I cant recommend it enough. We have even bought a couple recently for friends too. One of the mums said she’s noticed a reduction in nappy rash since she’s been using it on her 4 month old!

It never gets too hot and doesn’t even dry the wipes out like I thought it would.

I’m all for using anything that helps make the ‘trauma’ of nappy changing time a bit easier 😉

You can buy this wipes warmer on Amazon here.

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