BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor

BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor

Based on previous reviews we’d read, and trying to get a bit organised, we bought the BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor before the birth of our baby and it turned out to be a great purchase. Its been permanently plugged in every day since, and Max is now 20 months old!

The sound from the baby monitor is crystal clear, even at long distances, so you can still hear any noise coming from the babies bedroom while sitting in the garden (right, like any of us get a moment to crash in the garden when we have a baby!)

As silly as it sounds the volume control comes in handy! Sometimes babies high pitched yells can really be a rude awakening, so you can adjust the volume so its high enough to wake you, but not so loud that you have a heart attack! Just make sure you test this out with an adult to get the setting right as you don’t want to set it too low and leave your baby crying for hours while you are sound asleep!

The only slightly negative thing I would say is the temperature gauge which always seems to run a touch high, only a degree or maybe two, and of course once you know that you just factor it in and crack open a window or put the heating up as required.

The unit itself is fairly small and lightweight, so there no problem carrying it around.

You can buy the BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor on Amazon here.

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