Coping With Sending Your Kids Off To Nursery

Coping With Sending Your Kids Off To Nursery


People often say that your child’s first day at nursery can be quite a stressful day for them. And really this is quite understandable as it can for some kids be such a huge change in their lifestyle. I want to share my point of view as a stay at home dad who had to send his child off to nursery. For my sons first few years of his life it was just me and him pretty much all day and every day. Sure he would see other children every now and again, but being with me was all he really knew and likewise over the past few years being with him was all I knew.

I think actually I was more scared than my son was. You see I had grown into the role of a stay at home dad really well. It pretty much was my whole life and just like my sons life was about to change so was mine. There are a million different things out there online, in books, magazines and even on TV about how to help your kids adjust to life at nursery, but there is very little about how hard it can be from a parent who has spent all day every day with a child to suddenly be child free for half a day.

I think what I found especially hard about this was that as I was a dad people’s reactions to my son going to nursery were different than if I were a woman. For example people would always joke with me about how they bet I could not wait until he went to nursery and I would joke with them that it would be great, but the truth is that I was really quite lost in those first few weeks that my son went to nursery.

Forget about you, how did your son cope?

 is what I am sure some of you guys are wondering. Let me tell you that he took to nursery like a duck to water. The very 1st day I went to bring him back home he was actually disappointed that he could not stay and play longer with the new friends he had made. Nursery was so good for him it really helped him come out of his shell and it pretty much helped his development all around.

I am not ashamed to admit that the first week I was really worried. I was mainly worried about him and if he would be ok without me which I am sure is something most parents go through. But I was also kind of worried about me and my life. I mean I gave up work to look after my son and now after just a few years my job is pretty much done what is there for me?

Well the reason I wrote this article was to share with you guys my experience about how I dealt with being alone in the house. I will admit that first week I pretty much did nothing, but after a while I realised that now I had a little time to focus on me and think about what I wanted from this next stage of my life. My son still needed me and I still needed him, but now he had nursery and I needed something else in my life as well.

I fell back in love with writing, something that I had not done since my college days. But truth is that you just need to find something you love to do. You have always wanted to watch all the movies of a particular actor? Well now you can start that. You want to take some online classes at home? Well now you have a little free time to do that! You want to start working out and get in better shape? Well now you have time to do that. It does not matter what you do just make sure that you do something and make sure it’s something you want to do.



  1. Fantastic and honest article. Thank you. As a mum I felt very much the same. My son is 12 now but I can still remember feeling so upset leaving him. It’s a big change for parent and child.

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