Create An Incredible Bond With Your Child

Create An Incredible Bond With Your Child

Every parent aims to bring up a child that is loving, giving, confident, happy, and a part of a closely knit family. Parenting is a natural process and more often than not it is not books, counsellors, or doctors that will guide you, but it is your in-born instinct that helps you bond with the child.

When a child is born it trusts its mother without questions and looks towards her for sustenance and protection. A mother in turn instinctively holds the child close to her breast and knows without words when the child is well and when it is ill. This connection must be maintained as the child grows. Try not to let a distance between your creep in. If you want to be close to your child and always be there for him or her, it is crucial to maintain a close and trusting relationship.

A few essentials of parenting are:

  • Understand the child’s emotional needs. Find out what the child’s likes and dislikes are.
  • Accept the child for who he or she is. Never try to mould a child to what your vision of a child is.
  • Motivate the child to do their best but do not set unrealistic goals. Every child has a comfort level and it is hard for every child to be an achiever.
  • Studies show that each child has a talent in some field or the other. It is impractical for parents to want their child to be a IT professional, a doctor, or an engineer if the child has a talent for growing plants, or maybe nursing. Allow the child to realize his or her own dreams. Don’t force your unfulfilled ambitions on the child. Help the child find its path. Expose them to different options and nurture their interests.
  • Try to ensure that you don’t fight with your other half in front of your children. It only upsets them and can often create deep rooted emotional trauma in them. Try to settle your differences behind closed doors as ugly fights upset kids.

Emphasize that you will always be there for him or her. Let them place their trust in you.

  • Throughout the child’s growing years you should emphasize that you love the child dearly and will always be there for him or her.
  • Listen to your child, often their fears or doubts emerge when you are having a conversation. Find time to chat with the child about your day, the child’s day, and things happening around the world and so on. Keeping communications open will introduce a sense of security and openness into your relationship.
  • Be honest with your child.
  • In case you are facing problems on a personal level be it your job or relationships never hide facts from a child and pretend that everything is fine. Allow the child to hold your hand and face problems big and small together.
  • Teach the child to be curious and to satisfy the healthy curiosity by reading. Foster a love for learning, music, plants, and life. Encourage the child to explore and not to be afraid to ask questions or to disagree with you.

The key to good parenting is never be afraid to love your child, show them the difference between right and wrong, and instill in them a sense of self and trust in you. Emphasize that you will always be there for him or her. Let them place their trust in you.



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