Parenting Teenagers

Parenting Teenagers


Parenting a teen can be quite a rollercoaster at times. It can lead to a head full of questions and a whole lot of confusion…. Right!? When it comes to parenting a teenager, the best possible way to stop the journey feeling full of twists and turns with the possibility of gut-turning ‘upside downs’, is the reassurance of having a plan.

So, what do I mean by having a plan? Because let’s face it we can’t have a plan for every eventuality….. Or can we?

You see a plan doesn’t always have to consist of doing and knowing every step of our lives. For example…The plan for my teenager is to do this, be this, go there and have this? Having a plan can consist of being prepared through understanding, being aware and knowing how to communicate in different and alternative ways. You see life is a funny old thing because with every step we take we have something to learn and parenting isn’t any different! You don’t walk away with a degree without attending university for several years so why do we give people the pressure of knowing all about being a parent when everyone is still learning?!?!?

Interesting isn’t it?!

That is why having a plan is so vitally important. Having a schedule or guide in your head about what you need to know to ensure you’re able to connect and communicate with your teenager. It will be so enriching and will enhance the bond and growth of an amazing relationship that flourishes through their teens and into adulthood. So here is one major factor to be aware of that you can take away and start adding to your plan! Parenting a teenager can feel confusing; it’s a confusing time for all involved. There are several areas in a teenage world that lead to much confusion including; behavioural changes, hormones, expectations, friends, school and general communication to name but a few!

You see, when they grow, you learn and when you grow they learn. Your communication and interactions develop and you find the best ways in which to help them thrive. You find a ‘parenting style’! So after all those years of getting to know your child and fine tuning your ‘parenting style’ something happens and it’s this that leads to lots of confusion and miscommunication!

Your child becomes a teenager!

What worked before may not work anymore! What they enjoyed or liked today may be hated tomorrow. What once was an easy task now becomes a mammoth mission!

Why? Because your child is changing, your parenting style will need to change and it is here that having a plan to develop, grow and understand will benefit you greatly! As you child grows into a teen, ways to communicate will need to change because they are changing. It’s not being able to connect with them and not understanding each other that lead to all the confusion!

So be kind to yourself and know that you are learning. It’s finding what works & having a plan!

Sonia Hurren Parent and Teenager Coaching Specialist & Speaker has coached teenagers professionally and worked within multi professional teams for over 10 years; she has spent the last 6 years coaching within the education system within a range of schools in her home county of Kent. Sonia is also a writer for the Kent Parents website!


  1. This is a wonderful article, thank you. I absolutely agree with being prepared to change your parenting style and also what has worked with one child may not work with another. I think the key is definitely being open to new approaches and keep those communication channels open.

    • Hi Wendy, thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes definately looking and communicating things in a different way certainly enhances connection and communication.
      Yours truly
      Sonia Hurren

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