Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms


Looking back on my two pregnancies, I realize it really was a beautiful and special time in my life. If you had told me how beautiful or glowing I was while I was in the midst of carrying an extra 50lbs around all day, I would have considered a punch to your gut. Now when I see poor pregnant women waddling around the shop, leaning on their trolley to remove the pressure from their back, I remember these symptoms and try to send a few sympathy vibes her way. Sure, pregnancy is worth it, but these embarrassing issues definitely make pregnancy a full time job!

  • Wind

As if the giant belly didn’t draw enough attention on its own, an untimely wind incident can definitely turn heads. The reason wind seems to be a little less predictable during pregnancy is simply because pregnant women don’t have the same control over their muscles as their non-pregnant counterparts. One trick is to cut back on certain foods, including beans [a.k.a. the musical fruit], fizzy drinks, broccoli, cauliflower, and dried fruit. Another helpful tip is eating smaller, more frequent meals.

  • Incontinence….or ‘Peeing Yourself at Random’

As the baby grows, pregnant women simply have less room on the inside. The baby sits right on top of the bladder, forcing mums-to-be to exercise utmost care when sneezing, laughing or coughing. One simple tip is to make sure to use the bathroom every two hours. This way, even emptying some of your bladder won’t constitute a full-on outfit change. Another trick is wearing panty liners, just in case.

  • Haemorrhoids

Don’t those sound pleasant? Haemorrhoids often occur when a pregnant woman becomes somewhat constipated, and strains herself pushing while trying to poop. To avoid this, go to the source of the problem: constipation. Increasing fibre intake, drinking lots of water, and even over-the-counter stool softeners can help. If you do have haemorrhoids, wearing pads with witch hazel can ease the discomfort.

  • Acne

Especially in the first trimester, additional hormones are shooting throughout the body. These hormones sometimes manifest themselves through acne. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to take medication while pregnant. It is best to talk with your doctor when choosing a treatment. Alternatively, there are many holistic remedies for acne, including using apple cider vinegar as a daily toner, and rubbing a banana peel on affected areas to infuse with additional vitamins.

  • Mood Swings

Pregnant women often find themselves on extreme ends of the emotional spectrum. Sometimes, they end up taking those close to them along for the ride. This is because of the emotional toll of becoming a parent and growing a person inside one’s body, as well as increased hormones racing through the body. Additionally, pregnant women face many intense changes in a short amount of time, including the total transformation of their body. Mums-to-be can combat these mood swings by getting plenty of rest, which can include daytime power naps, as well as eating a well-balanced diet (not just satisfying those junk food cravings) through small and frequent meals and healthy snacks. Keeping loved ones in-the-loop of your mood changes can help them prepare to react in a way that is positive and encouraging. Some pregnant women find it comforting to find a friend who is also expecting, so they can share stories and commiserate.




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