The Horror’s Of Changing The Baby & Potty Training

The Horror’s Of Changing The Baby & Potty Training

I am still traumatised by the memories of changing nappies and potty training my son which actually was about three years ago now, but those days still haunt me. Like I am sure they do many parents out there. All kids are different and some take to potty training really easily, but then there are those of us who do not have such an easy time with it.

There is nothing wrong with you or your kid potty training is just one of those things that can really put you both over the edge. But I like most of you I am sure survived it and today I want to share a few tips on changing the baby and potty training with you guys.

Baby Wipes Are Better Than Gold!!!!

Before I had a kid I never knew what the big deal about baby wipes were, but my goodness after my son was born I came to see these things as the most precious things on earth. Now in my house I found it best to have a few packs of baby wipes in each room where you will potentially change the baby “that is a bit obsessive isn’t it?” is something I can hear many of you ask.

Well no it is not and let me tell you why. There is nothing worse than laying the baby down taking of the nappy and seeing the destruction that is in side and then BAM. You realise the baby wipes are in the bathroom up stairs. This is a total nightmare and one that I am sure many of us have been through many times. Just have packs stocked all over the house. Trust me it may sound crazy now, but the day will come when you will be glad you did.

Get Ready

This one ties into the baby wipes ones. Before you take the nappy of your baby make sure you have all your stuff. You know a new nappy, baby powder, baby wipes and whatever else you may use. Get them ready BEFORE you take of the nappy. You see there is nothing worse than trying to open a pack of baby wipes with one hand while you are holding the babies feet trying to stop them dancing in their own mess. It’s a nightmare and one that can easily be avoided if you get everything ready before hand.

Do Not Freak Out And Keep Calm

I know I am making jokes about how awful it is, but you really want to avoid this in front of your child. You do not want them to get some complex about going to the toilet. There will probably be many accidents that they will have. And as frustrating as it can be just try your best to role with it and tell them to try again next time.

Bribery Is It Wrong? Maybe, But It Works!

This one I know will go against many of your principles, but if you think all hope is lost then try bribery. My son really should have been potty trained before he was. The problem was he was really lazy and would wait till the very last minute to go to the toilet and most of the time be too late. Nothing I did fixed this until one day he saw this toy that he wanted.

So I made a little chart and for each time he used the potty I would put a tick on the chart and when he built up enough ticks he would get his toy. Funnily enough all these “accidents” pretty much stopped right away and within the week he was potty trained.

So while I know all kids are different and what works for one will not for another. I at least hope that this article will make your realise that while it may seem horrible now in the grand scheme of things changing nappies and potty training really is not that big of a deal.


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